Air Race

Opened: 7 Apr 2012
Manufactured By: Zamperla – Altavilla Vicentina, Italy
Ride Model: Air Race 6.4 (park model)
Cost: $2.5 million
Ride Height: 42 feet
Ride Capacity: 24 (6 planes, 4 riders per plane)
Hourly Capacity: 480 riders per hour

Located between Jet Star 2 and the Davis Pavilion. This location was previously home to many other different rides since the Midway expanded north in 1965. Here’s a chronology of known attractions that used to be there:

Air Race
Photo: B. Miskin

1979-1981 – Tri-Star
1982-1982 – UFO
1984-1984 – The Whirlwind
1985-1985 – Cyclone
1986-1990 – Tri-Star
1990s – Jet Star Terrace
2005-2011 – Psycho Dave’s Junkyard
2012-Present – Air Race

The Jet Star Terrace wasn’t a permanent building like other terraces and pavilions in the park. It was just a space where picnic tables and canopies were located. After 2000 or so the space was left empty. There used to be annual car shows that used the space on Labor Day weekends. During Frightmares, the Psycho Dave’s Junkyard walk-through was there until Air Race was built. Pyscho Dave’s became the Pioneer Village Scare Zone in 2014 using some of the same props and adding much more.




The Whirlwind


Taking Flight At Lagoon


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