Kiddie Coaster / Hi-Land Playland

Opened: 1956
Closed: Pre-1983
Manufactured By: Allan Herschell Company – North Tonawanda, New York
Ride Model: Little Dipper
Number Of Trains: 1
Ride Capacity: 12 (3 cars of 4)
Ride Time: 1 min, 30 sec (2 trips around track)
Hourly Capacity: 640 riders per hour

Photo: Joe Tordiff
Kiddie Coaster and Playland in 1977. Photo: Joe Tordiff

The first Little Dipper coaster was designed by David Bradley in 1946. Two years later he sold the rights to Allan Herschell Company which manufactured a wide variety of kiddie rides. (Three Allan Herschell kiddie rides still operate at Lagoon – Baby Boats, Sky Fighter and the Helicopters).

The station for Kiddie Coaster is visible in the background of this 1977 photo. The European Carousel is in front. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

Lagoon’s Kiddie Coaster opened around 1956 along with the rest of Mother Goose Land. Herschell advertised the ability to fit three smaller kiddie rides within the coaster’s oval track. Lagoon originally placed a Little Boy Blue display in the center. This was changed out sometime before 1964 when the Hi-Land Playland was installed there.

The train was originally painted red, but some time around the mid-1970s, a yellow stripe was added around each car with the Lagoon logo painted on the front car under the Alan Herschell grill emblem. Kiddie Coaster was eventually replaced by Puff The Little Fire Dragon in 1985.


Illustration from 1964 ad.

Illustration from 1964 Lagoon ad.


Opened: April 1964
Closed: Pre-1985

Hi-Land Playland was sponsored by Hi-Land Dairy which often had promotions linked with Lagoon. The entrance was a large Hi-Land milk carton under the coaster’s lift hill. One fan of the Kiddie Coaster (seen with her hands up on the photo above) remembered one particular attribute of the Playland:

“The coaster surrounded a metal play area that was scorching hot all the time. Even the sand was hot!”

Another visitor shared this description of the Kiddie Coaster and Playland:

“You went up the hill slowly like a regular roller coaster and then there were several hills around the track. You got to go around twice.”

“There were swings, teeter-totters and other toys inside. I also remember a large pumpkin. It was the size of a small building. They sold snacks from inside it.”

The pumpkin was originally out in front of the Kiddie Coaster and used as a refreshment stand. In 1961 it became the I.Q. Zoo before moving inside the Kiddie Coaster.


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I.Q. Zoo

Mother Gooseland

Puff The Little Fire Dragon (coming soon)

Photo of Hi-Land Dairy building in Murray which has since been demolished.



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