Opened: April 1983

Manufactured By: Zamperla

Model: Mini Enterprise De Luxe

Ride Capacity: 28 (4 robot speeders hold 4 each, 4 space pods hold 2 or 3 each)

Moonraker, 1984
Moonraker with the old Swimming Pool in the background in 1984. Photo: Curtis Tuckfield

This ride, which early Lagoon ads called “a space adventure for kids,” is somewhat similar in operation to Turn Of The Century. Riders spin clockwise around the tower in one of three different types of vehicles. Soon the spinning wheel begins to tilt slightly, providing a very mild sensation of rising and diving in the air.

Originally, kids could push a button while riding that would make a “space blaster” kind of noise. This seems to have been disabled at some point (perhaps in the ’90s or even later) most likely for the sake of the operator’s sanity.

Even though its neighboring rides have changed over the decades, Moonraker has remained in the same location since 1983. The Swimming Pool on the east side was replaced by Lagoon-A-Beach in 1989. Bulgy The Whale used to be to the south of Moonraker until 2004 when Speedway, Jr.’s track layout was altered and Kontiki and The Dragonfly were shoehorned in. Sky Fighter had been on the north side of Moonraker until 2006 when Ladybug Bop and Dinosaur Drop were added.


Moonraker GalleryMoonraker Gallery



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