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2019 Season Recap

Here’s a quick rundown of the rest of the 2019 season, in addition to what was covered in the mid-season recap that was posted in July.

Speedball relocated. Photo: B. Miskin

The Speedball game reopened around the middle of the season just south of Wild Mouse. The old location was demolished toward the end of last season for the new Biergarten. Its new location replaces the Rising Waters game, which is actually where Speedball used to be in the ’80s and ’90s.

The new food stand, Shake It Up (which had been advertised to replace the Day At The Races game since spring 2018) finally opened in August.

New planter replacing old south restrooms. Photo: B. Miskin

A large planter was built where the old south restrooms used to be. Meanwhile, the old north restrooms closed – almost two years after the new north restrooms opened.

The old bell tower in Pioneer Village is now a cell tower. For unknown reasons, the top of the tower was cut off about halfway up and there is a small cellular antenna on one of the posts.

Frightmares kept the park busy into the fall. Some walk-throughs opened two hours earlier on Saturdays than last year. But the season ended two days earlier than planned due to frigid temperatures.

New ride construction progress, September 2019. Photo: B. Miskin

Steady progress continues on the new ride. A few more details were discussed on Fox 13 in September. You can watch the progress during the off-season thanks to regular drone footage from Delorean’s Garage on YouTube. Here’s the latest update:

Season passport sale will be from 23 November to 2 December this year. At $114.95, it’s the lowest price that will be offered for 2020 season passports.

2019 Mid-Season Recap

As we reach the halfway point of the 2019 season at Lagoon, let’s look at what’s been happening so far.

When the park opened on March 30th, the first noticeable change was the area in front of Dracula’s Castle which had been reconfigured with new steps and new planters.

A section of Wild Kingdom Train’s tracks was replaced after the concrete from the station to the tunnel was torn out and re-poured.

Lagoon-A-Beach opened a week late on May 31st because of weather conditions on the planned opening date. (Spring weather was considerably cooler than most years).

Photo: S. Dustman

The new, ornately-decorated Biergarten had a soft opening June 9th with the grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony on June 20th.

Photo: S. Dustman

It features two restaurants with completely new menu options not found anywhere else at Lagoon. There’s indoor and outdoor seating and details such as the fountain above, based on one in The Hague in The Netherlands.

Photo: S. Dustman

Construction on the new ride, north of the park, seems to be progressing at a steady pace.

New ride construction, 18 May 2019. Photo: B. Miskin

Drone videos from CrossfireGaming on YouTube has been great at documenting the progress. Recently, construction has gone vertical, as seen in the screenshot below.

Looking west at the construction site from above 200 East. You can follow construction on the Delorean’s Garage YouTube channel.

Other small additions are being made here and there. A new electrical sign was finally placed in front of Centennial Screamer, which was relocated to the north Midway last summer.

Photo: S. Dustman

Lagoon’s Instagram account has been busy lately with live tours of areas off limits to guests and interviews with a variety of park employees. So far they have shown followers around the top of Cannibal’s tower, a greenhouse and some maintenance facilities. Most of the videos are only available for 24 hours so you have to keep an eye on their account – @lagoonpark.

Shake It Up, a food stand in the former Day At The Races location on the south end, seems to be getting closer to opening. We still have half of the season to go.

August 19th will be the last day of daily operation for the park this year. Lagoon will be open only on weekends after that, with a few extra weekdays during Frightmares. Lagoon-A-Beach is set to close September 7th with Frightmares beginning September 13th.

2018 Monthly Recap #7: October

The last month of Frightmares brought with it the end of another season at Lagoon. At the beginning of the month, the new south restrooms were completed. Soon after, the old restrooms built in the 1980s were demolished.

New south restrooms. Photo: B. Miskin

Old south restrooms demolished. Photo: B. Miskin

Aside from some busy weekends and the UEA fall break, it was a fairly uneventful month. However, there has been a lot of progress on the Biergarten planned for 2019 and plenty of undisclosed work going on north of the park near 200 West.

Photo: B. Miskin

The park closed quietly October 30th, commencing a long five months for fans without trips to Lagoon. One thing to be aware of is the popular Black Friday season pass sale coming November 19-26.

2018 Monthly Recap #6: September

What was new at Lagoon in September this year? Frightmares! But more specifically, there were some new additions and updates to Frightmares attractions in 2018.

Photo: B. Miskin

Frightmares began on September 14th this year with all the shows and walk-throughs in full swing. Séance returned with an elaborate new entrance, including two tick windows on the south side. The show itself is still the same great show. Hackenslash now has a 360-degree stage built over the top of the Bamberger Fountain. The new show in the Carousel Theatre, Mariner, is based on a poem from 1798.

Photo: B. Miskin

A new kids’ walk-through was added in the south end of Lagoon-A-Beach. Treat Street is accessed through a gate in Pioneer Village and consists of four booths based on Lagoon rides – Colossus: The Fire Dragon, Flying Aces, OdySea and Samurai. (The sign was added September 28th).

A brand new entrance was created for the Fun House Of Fear and Nightmare Midway (formerly Terrors Of The Past) and lots of things were added to other houses, especially Frightening Frisco.

Aside from Frightmares, work continues to progress on the demolition stage for the new Biergarten between Roller Coaster and Cliffhanger. Many trees, all of the concrete walkways, the Speedball game and even the old ramp on the Roller Coaster building were torn out in preparation for construction work.

Photo: B. Miskin

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2018 Monthly Recap #5: August

The biggest news at Lagoon in August was probably all the work happening on the upcoming Frightmares event. Almost all of the walk-throughs were underway this month, including some new additions.

Photo: B. Miskin

The most promising addition seems to be the new facade for Seance, shown above. There’s also a new temporary stage  being added to the Bamberger Fountain and some small, colorful buildings for a kids’ walk-through.

A change to the park schedule was made that extended daily operation by two days. A special discount was available as well as a few perks for season passholders, but attendance was still relatively low on those days. Shows in the Carousel Theatre ended the weekend before.

Lagoon is now only open on weekends, but Frightmares begins Friday, September 14th with some new attractions so stay tuned!

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2018 Monthly Recap #4: July

It’s been a long, hot July, but there has still been plenty of different things happening at Lagoon.

The remains of Hydro-Luge were finally removed from the park after sitting there since spring. There is now just a large, smoothed out expanse of dirt where the ride once was.

Former location of Hydro-Luge as seen from Sky Scraper. Photo: B. Miskin

Complimentary charging lockers provided by local company, Bad Apple, were added in front of Game Time, behind Rendezvous (the Cannibal gift shop) and in Lagoon-A-Beach. They are free and have charging cords for Apple, Samsung and other Android phones and devices.

New phone charging lockers. Photo: B. Miskin

At the end of the month, changes were being made at the Campground. Subway signs were removed for what will be Lagoon’s third Swig location. Subway had been operating at the Campground since the late 1990s.

Swig at the Campground. Photo: B. Miskin

There were a lot of promotions for discounted admission in July including Independence Day, Pioneer Day and the Summer Daze week-long promotion.

Work on Frightmares started a little earlier this year at the Davis Pavilion and soon daily operation will make way to weekend-only openings.

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2018 Monthly Recap #3: June

Two shows opened at Carousel Theater. The day show, Smoke & Mirrors, is a magic show featuring classic tricks illusions and Verano returned with a new story and music.

Bright red lighting has been added to the roofline on Roller Coaster, recreating an effect similar to the original neon from decades ago.

Photo: B. MIskin

Centennial Screamer re-opened in its new location on June 15th. Little things continue to be added here and there like paint, flowers and signage.

Another ride reopened this month – one that’s been closed for nearly three years! Catapult began operating again on June 29th.

Photo: B. Miskin

It didn’t take long for guests to line up for the X-Venture Zone attraction. Now all the rides at Lagoon are operational again, just in time for the busiest part of the summer.

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2018 Monthly Recap #2: May

Old carousel figures are scattered around the new candy shop. Photo: B. Miskin

The biggest addition to Lagoon in May was Carousel Candy – a new shop near the Interactive Fountain that replaced the Lucky Duck and Bowler Roller games. Carousel Candy opened on a school day on May 31st with a variety of novelty candies and toys.

Milka chocolate bars, from Germany, are one of many candy options in Carousel Candy. Photo: B. Miskin

Further additions were made to existing attractions like the new structure at the entrance and locker area of Roller Coaster, complete with new electrical signage. The Log Flume logs were repainted and the exterior of Dracula’s Castle was also enhanced. There’s also a new caricature booth on the corner next to Fascination.

New Roller Coaster signage. Photo: B. Miskin

Along with hundreds of schools that visit Lagoon during weekdays in May, there are other groups coming to other events such as the America On Stage national dance competition, USU Physics Day and D.A.R.E. day. Promotions with discounted tickets were available for Mother’s Day and Memorial Day weekend.

A couple of new games have taken the place of the old Drown The Clown game next to Opera House Square. The new games are Wrecking Ball and Tubs Of Fun.

Coming in June – daily operation begins as well as the introduction of two new shows in the Carousel Theater. We could even see the re-opening of Centennial Screamer in its new location, so stay tuned!

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2018 Monthly Recap #1: March/April

When Lagoon closed last October, there were rides being dismantled and some that hadn’t opened all year. A lot of work has been done during the five-month off-season and continues to progress, so let’s recap what has changed since 2017.

The park reopened on March 31st this year. The Interactive Fountain near the entrance has been upgraded and its full capabilities will probably be seen as the park stays open later starting in May. The games on the corner southeast to the fountain are being replaced by the new Carousel Candy shop, which has yet to open.

Roller Coaster was closed, but it was immediately clear that it would not be the same ride. The Coaster Dogs building and the old exit ramp were removed for the new entrance, queue and locker area. The old Skee-Ball building which has been used as storage in recent years, was also torn down in order to move the smoking area back. Inside the station, the operator’s booth was relocated and an electrical room was built where the queue used to be. After weeks of testing, the ride opened April 14th with brand new trains.

Also on the South Midway, the old Lagoon Music Theatre was being torn out and a new Soccer Darts game replaced Basketball. Where Centennial Screamer sat for 30 years, a new restroom was under construction.

Paratrooper’s new paint job for 2018. Photo: B. Miskin

On the North Midway, the new paint of Paratrooper stood out. Hydro-Luge’s tower was all that remained of the ride, but that was taken out in the middle of the month. Throughout the month, work has progressed on the new site of Screamer, near Cannibal. Speaking of Cannibal, a new test seat like the one found at OdySea was added near the entrance of the ride.

The former site of Hydro-Luge in April 2018. Photo: B. Miskin

Catapult remains closed, but Samurai finally reopened on April 21st after being closed all of last year. The last weekend of April had much warmer temperatures and the Pioneer Village Bakery returned under the name Bakery Fresh, where salads and wraps are now served.

May brings longer hours, school days, dance competitions and the opening of Lagoon-A-Beach and the Campground, not to mention more additions and changes around the park, so stay tuned!

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2017 Monthly Recap #7: October

Sunset at Lagoon in October. Photo: B. Miskin

Frightmares continued to draw large crowds through the final weeks of the 2017 season. This year’s most popular new attraction, Seance, consistently sold out – even when extra times were added.

Photo: B. Miskin

Even though the season was winding down there was still a lot of changes going on behind the scenes. Log Flume’s new siding on the lift hill was completed. An interesting little structure was added near Cannibal with a reconfigured curb.

Photo: B. Miskin

Hydro-Luge, which was only open for about a month toward the end of the summer, was slowly being taken apart starting around the middle of October.

Hydro-Luge in mid-October. Photo: B. Miskin

Toward the end of the month, Centennial Screamer closed and soon more and more of the ride was dismantled until it was completely removed. The rumor is that the ride will be relocated to make room for new south end restrooms.

Centennial Screamer in the middle of being dismantled. Photo: B. Miskin

No doubt this off-season will bring about a lot of new changes and surprises for the 2018 season.

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