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Opening Weekend 1967

Lagoon’s 1967 season began on Saturday, March 25th. An article in the Deseret News on March 23rd announced two new rides – “the Terroride, a new thrill which makes the old Spook House obsolete” and the Animaland Train which made a “trip around Lagoon Lake by real animals – llamas, deer, goats, baby farm animals, and the Dragon of Lagoon Lake.” This later became the Wild Kingdom Train in 1975.

“Lagoon employe tapes ad sheet to new kiosk at Davis County resort which opens Saturday.” Photo: Deseret News

Five decades later in 2017, Lagoon once again opens for the season on Saturday, March 25th. And while Terroride isn’t entirely new, it has been “reimagined” according to this year’s guide map. There are two brand new rides this year as well – Flying Tigers and Ruka Safari in Kiddieland. Whether any of these rides will be ready on opening day isn’t clear at the moment, but 2017 looks to be off to an exciting start.

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