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Map Room

Historical maps are now available in the Lagoon History Project’s Map Room. The maps can be navigated similarly to Google Maps as they allow you to zoom in and pan across. There are currently six maps: three Sanborn maps and three guide maps. More will be added later on.

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Sanborn maps were originally created to help insurance companies determine fire risks. A large percentage of the country was mapped by the Sanborn Map Company from 1867 until 1970.

Loads of information can be gleaned from these old maps. To help you compare the locations of the older buildings to the current layout, the original entrance was on the east side of the park next to the railroad tracks. The main entrance as we know it today would have been close to the center of the old Dance Pavilion. The Swimming Pool/Lagoon-A-Beach has always occupied the same basic area. You’ll also see how the size of the lake has been scaled back over the years as well as some old attractions we don’t hear much about like the Bump-The-Bumps, Joy Wheel and The Whip.

The Pioneer Village map and the 1988 map came in a press kit from that year. It’s uncertain how long this particular Pioneer Village map was distributed. Since the 1989 map had to be scanned in portions from a 24″ x 36″ map, there are some areas that don’t quite align, but it doesn’t detract too much from the map.

All guide maps have their inaccuracies, but they still give us a good idea of what was and wasn’t there at the time. The 1989 map seems to have really squished things in on the extreme northern and southern ends and are placed in awkward configurations. It also shows a guest walkway from Pioneer Village to the South Midway which never existed. Some things you’ll see in these maps from the 1980s include the connecting walkway from Pioneer Village that goes between the Prison and Gingerbread House (instead of alongside the church as it is now), the East Gate on Lagoon Lane, former picnic terraces and old rides like Tri-Star, Flying Carpet, Speedway and more.

I’m always looking for old maps and brochures (as well as just about anything else related to the park’s history) so if you have anything to share, please contact me at


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