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The Lagoon History Project is a collection of photos, maps, videos and information in an effort to piece together the extensive and multi-faceted history of Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington, Utah. It was first launched on 11 July 2001 after a trip to the park. Like many, I had always been curious about the story behind the park’s buildings and rides. Unsatisfied with what little information was available on the Internet at the time, I decided to start a simple website compiling what I knew for others to see and add to. In the beginning, it was just a page on MSN Groups named The Farmington Star.

Soon, former employees and long-time visitors of the park started submitting their memories, photos and information. This proved to be very helpful in finding accurate historical information and resources. Some things had to be corrected along the way because more resources were discovered and memories are not always completely reliable. After a few years, the group had hundreds of pages of information and a full-fledged website was long overdue. went online in early 2007 and three years later, it evolved into as you see it today.

My focus now is on getting as much of Lagoon’s story together in one place. It’s satisfying to be able to bring memories back for people and hopefully, in some way, remind them that the good old days never have to get old. New memories are always waiting to be made and every season adds another chapter to Lagoon’s history.

Over the years, I’ve been contacted by a variety of people from park officials and journalists to authors and even an archaeologist. The Lagoon History Project has been a resource for many newspapers like The Salt Lake Tribune and the Standard-Examiner as well as blogs, videos, research papers and more. I was chosen to do research and fact-checking for Lagoon’s official history book, which can be purchased at the park’s gift shops.

The Lagoon History Project is a non-profit resource for info about Lagoon Amusement Park, unaffiliated with Lagoon Corporation. Thanks to your donations and other support, this resource is made available for free, without all the intrusive ads, pop-ups and cookies found on so many other websites today.

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My name is Braden (pronounced brăd·ĕn) and I have been going to Lagoon since I was 4 months old. I’m always interested in the history of my surroundings, wherever I go. My love for amusement parks and designing things goes back to when I would draw up plans for my own amusement park at age 5. It’s probably the combination of these things that keeps me focused on continuing this website, which is basically a hobby for me.

To me, life is most enjoyable when things are simple. The complex problems that are always encroaching upon us can fade away when we remember what’s most important.


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