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The New Lagoon – How Lagoon was rebuilt after the fire in a unifying Modernist style.

The Fire Of ’53 – The night Lagoon was severely damaged in a fire that spread across the west side of the Midway.

Live At Lagoon, 1957! – Read about and listen to Stan Kenton’s first Lagoon appearance.

‘Utah’s Unexpected Pleasure’ – A vintage 1961 magazine article about Lagoon.

Lagoon History’s History – A look back on 20 years of the Lagoon History Project.

Filmed At Lagoon – Eight examples of movies and TV shows with scenes that were filmed at the park.

Decoding Dracula’s Castle – Do all of those weird images on the front of the ride mean anything?

The Lagoon Lake That Never Was – High divers and water skiers on Lagoon Lake? See what Lagoon had planned in 1989.

The Lagoon IMAX That Never Was – This major addition was announced in 1984, delayed and then scrapped.

Lagoon’s Lunchtime Legacy – A history of group outings and Lagoon’s picnic terraces.

Old Attractions Hidden In Plain Sight – A look at remnants of past attractions scattered around the park.

Live At Lagoon, 1956! – Listen to a Woody Herman concert recorded at Lagoon’s Patio Gardens.

The Runway Meets The Midway – Flip through an old ZCMI fashion catalog from 1998, shot at Lagoon, along with similar ads from the ’70s and ’80s.

Pioneer Village Jubilee – About the activities held for Pioneer Village’s 50th anniversary in 1988.

The Monkees At Lagoon – The story of The Monkees’ last American concert before splitting up.

A Pioneer Holiday At Lagoon – This short-lived precursor to Frightmares was a three-day Christmas event in November 1994

The (Belated) Celebration Of A Century! – Lagoon had a “quiet observance” of it’s 100th anniversary in 1986, but made up for it the next season.

Eyerly Aircraft – Find out how an aircraft company became a popular amusement ride manufacturer.

America Screams…At Lagoon! – Rare footage of Lagoon in the 1970s, narrated by Vincent Price.

13 Things That Are 130 Years Old – A little perspective to better understand just how old Lagoon is.

40 Years Of Pioneer Village At Lagoon

A Closer Look At Lagoon’s Logo – A study of the logo and how it has evolved through the years.

Lagoon’s Pioneer Village Stars In ‘Christmas Land’

Live At Lagoon, 1962! – Listen to a Stan Kenton concert recorded at Lagoon’s Patio Gardens.

Racing At Lagoon – The story of the old Lagoon Race Track.

Lagoon And The Fair, Part I: The Davis County Fair – Lagoon hosted the county fair for many decades. Learn how it influenced the growth of the park.

Lagoon And The Fair, Part II: The Utah State Fair – Read about the proposal to hold the state fair at Lagoon.

Lagoon And The Fair, Part III: The World’s Fair – Some of Lagoon’s rides from the World’s Fair, but it also inspired elements of the park from the very beginning.

Taking Flight At Lagoon! – Rides and events at Lagoon that were inspired by airplanes and space travel.

Construction on dance hall at Majestic Park, 1916.

Majestic Park – An amusement park planned for Salt Lake City, that was never quite completed.

5 Jul 1950: Bandits Crack Safe At Lagoon – About the night Lagoon was robbed after a busy 4th of July.

Gorilla Background Check – A collector helps identify the gorilla from Lagoon’s haunted attractions.

Missing Link Located In Hairy Heredity – An update about the history of the gorilla figure from Haunted Shack and Terroride.

Springtime Recovery At Lagoon – A look at different floods at Lagoon.

Discovering Lagoon…Outside Lagoon – Did you know Lagoon operated arcades, a restaurant and more throughout the area?

Lagoon ’65 – All about the big expansion of the park in 1965.

The True Namesake Of The Freedola – A history of the Carousel’s band organ.

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