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Lagoon’s Pioneer Village Stars In ‘Christmas Land’

Lagoon’s Pioneer Village stars in Christmas Land, airing on Hallmark Channel beginning in December 2015.

© 2015 Crown Media
© 2015 Crown Media

After cleaning up from Frightmares, Pioneer Village was transformed into a winter wonderland to serve as the backdrop for this two-hour TV special. The old Rosie’s Cantina sign (last used in Lagoon’s Guns & Garters Whoop-De-Doo Roundup in 2003) was moved to the south end of Main Street and used for the Christmas Land sign for the film. Lights, decorations and loads of fake snow turned the old pioneer buildings into something more like the North Pole. You’ll also notice the old wagon that has been hanging around since the Stagecoach ride closed in 2009. Other scenes were filmed around Salt Lake City.

© 2015 Crown Media
© 2015 Crown Media

Christmas Land stars Nikki DeLoach, Luke MacFarlane, Maureen McCormick (The Brady Bunch), Richard Karn (Home Improvement) and others.

2015 SHOWTIMES (Mountain Time)
Sunday, Dec 20 at 6pm
Tuesday, Dec 22 at 6pm
Thursday, Dec 24 at 10pm
Sunday, Dec 27 at 2pm
Monday, Dec 28 at 6pm
Thursday, Dec 31 at 9pm

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