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Filmed At Lagoon

It’s no secret that Utah has been the backdrop for a long list of movies and TV shows. Lagoon has also been the setting of shows that have been distributed nationally and beyond. This video shows clips from eight of the more widely known examples… Now for a breakdown of each of those films… Mirror, […]

Lagoon Today!

2020 Season Recap

When unusually cold weather caused Lagoon to close two days early in fall of 2019, nobody expected the park’s opening in the following spring to be delayed for almost two months because of a worldwide pandemic. Lagoon announced the delayed opening this year on March 17th, a couple of weeks before the scheduled opening. At […]

Dark Rides

Decoding Dracula’s Castle

When entering Terroride and Dracula’s Castle guests are confronted with a collection of bizarre and mysterious images. Both rides were originally designed by Bill Tracy, who created haunted attractions across the country and knew the importance of making the outside of the building as impressive as what was inside. “The fa├žade was the marketing and […]

1980s 1990s Lagoon That Never Was

The Lagoon Lake That Never Was

Countless ideas for Lagoon attractions have never made it past the concept or planning stages. This article is part of a series about some of those plans that failed to become a reality. Imagine crowds gathering on a boardwalk around Lagoon Lake to watch high divers jump from a old-fashioned ship. It never actually happened, […]

1980s Entertainment Film, Television & Music Lagoon That Never Was

The Lagoon IMAX That Never Was

In the 1980s, Lagoon announced plans to expand its “world of entertainment” by adding Utah’s first IMAX theater.

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2019 Season Recap

Here’s a quick rundown of the rest of the 2019 season, in addition to what was covered in the mid-season recap that was posted in July. The Speedball game reopened around the middle of the season just south of Wild Mouse. The old location was demolished toward the end of last season for the new […]

Lagoon Today!

2019 Mid-Season Recap

As we reach the halfway point of the 2019 season at Lagoon, let’s look at what’s been happening so far. When the park opened on March 30th, the first noticeable change was the area in front of Dracula’s Castle which had been reconfigured with new steps and new planters. A section of Wild Kingdom Train’s […]


Lagoon’s Lunchtime Legacy

“…the picnics are really the backbone of our business here at Lagoon.” -Peter Freed With millions of dollars worth of thrill rides and attractions, it may be hard to believe that statement by former Lagoon president, Peter Freed. But its part of what keeps people coming back to Lagoon year after year. Picnics for families, […]

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Old Attractions Hidden In Plain Sight, Part I

As new rides and attractions are added to Lagoon, sometimes it’s necessary to remove an older attraction – often to the dismay of fans. But even when an something is removed, remnants are often left behind or repurposed. Here’s a few fragments of the past hiding in plain sight. These are things guests see all […]

Entertainment Lake Park Mother Gooseland / Kiddie Land Opera House Square Pioneer Village

Old Attractions Hidden In Plain Sight, Part II

As new attractions are added, sometimes old ones have to go, but they don’t always disappear completely. Here’s a few elements of past rides and attractions that have remained at Lagoon.