a.k.a. Merry-Go-Round
Originally Built: 1913
Opened: 1918
Location: Central Midway
Manufactured By: Herschell-Spillman Company – North Tonawanda, New York
Ride Model: Menagerie Carousel
Cost: $14,000

Carousel in 2015. Photo: B. Miskin

Since Lagoon’s origins as Lake Park on the shore of the Great Salt Lake, there has been a carousel in operation. The first was powered by a mule. When electricity was introduced at Lagoon, the carousel was either modified to use electrical power or replaced by a different electric carousel.

Carousel during the night of the fire in November 1953. Photo courtesy of Desert News

The Carousel operating today has been at the park since 1918. It was purchased from a park on the California coast for $14,000 (about $257,000 when adjusted for inflation).

View of some of the horses in 1978. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

When a large fire spread down the Midway in November 1953, the Carousel was saved by keeping a steady stream of water running over it. It has been refurbished and repainted several times throughout the years and just a few years ago it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s the oldest ride at Lagoon and one of very few classic, hand-carved, wooden carousels still running in the country.

Riding the goat figure in 1984. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

A more thorough history of the Carousel is currently in progress…


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