Colossus: The Fire Dragon

Opened: 1983
Manufactured By: Schwarzkopf – Münsterhausen, Germany
Ride Model: Doppel Looping with Additional Trackway Curve
Cost: $2.5 million
Max Speed: 55 mph
Max Height: 89 feet
Track Length: 2,850 feet
Lift Length: 197 feet
Lift Grade: 35º
Loop Diameter: 65 feet
Base Dimensions: 227 x 103 feet
Ride Capacity: 28
Number Of Trains: 3
Ride Time: 1 min, 45 sec
Hourly Ride Capacity: 1,600 people per hour

Colossus at the end of a new park expansion in 1983. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

Ride history in the works…

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