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2017 Monthly Recap #6: September

Photo: B. Miskin

Frightmares began on September 15 this year with many changes and additions. New offerings for Frightmares this year include Malevolent Mansion and tweaks to existing walk-throughs and shows. Some rides received a bit of decorating here and there like Speedway, Jr. and Wild Kingdom Train. Even Log Flume and Rattlesnake Rapids have a hint of Halloween. But the dark horse this year was S̩ance. Night after night, shows were selling out Рeven when extra shows were added. The new experience was housed in part of the old Patio Gardens building, north of Game Time.

Photo: B. Miskin

Anyone who wasn’t aware of the new restrooms near Cannibal will have a hard time missing the new “spinning toilet” completed this month. The illuminated toilet opens and shuts its lid as it spins around.

Photo: B. Miskin

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