Dark Rides

Decoding Dracula’s Castle

When entering Terroride and Dracula’s Castle guests are confronted with a collection of bizarre and mysterious images. Both rides were originally designed by Bill Tracy, who created haunted attractions across the country and knew the importance of making the outside of the building as impressive as what was inside. “The fa├žade was the marketing and […]

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Missing Link Located In Hairy Heredity

A few months ago I posted an article about the animated gorilla figure used in Lagoon’s Haunted Shack and Terroride attractions. I have since received an update on the history of these hulking creatures from the same man, John Clowers, who has obtained his own gorilla. He says: “The original company that created these big […]

Dark Rides Ride Manufacturers

Gorilla Background Check

I recently received an email from a visitor who owns a gorilla exactly like the one used at Lagoon’s Haunted Shack and Terroride. His gorilla came from an auction of items from War Memorial Amusement Park in Arkansas. If possible, we’d like to find out at least who manufactured these gorillas. Here’s his description of […]