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2021 Mid-Season Recap

Even though we’re only halfway through 2021, Lagoon has already achieved a few firsts and unprecedented milestones. For example, the Biergarten remained open during the 2020-21 off-season making it the first time any part of the park has been open year-round.

West entrance of the Biergarten in March 2021. Photo: Greg Wibert

In mid-March, a new sign was added to the Biergarten’s west entrance. This entrance was also open (for Biergarten guests only) after the rest of the park opened.

The front entrance on a rainy opening day. Photo: B. Miskin

Opening day was March 20th, the earliest Lagoon has ever opened. It was rainy, Pioneer Village was closed and the park closed early at 5pm on Saturday and Sunday, but there were a few new surprises on the first weekend.

Test seat at Bulgy in March 2021. Photo: B. Miskin

Bulgy The Whale was back and looked as if nothing had happened to it (a tree fell on the ride during that windstorm in September 2020). If it was replaced by completely different Bulgy ride, you wouldn’t be able to tell right away. One addition is the “test seat” mounted on the outside of the fence.

Old Lagoon fire engine on display in front of Engine 86. Photo: B. Miskin

Over at Engine 86, one of Lagoon’s old fire engines has been extensively restored and put on display. The ride was new last year and there was just an empty concrete pad there before the structure and engine were added this year.

At the end of last season, the back half of Game Time had been completely emptied and taped off. Now a wall divides the downsized arcade from what is supposedly an employee training room. The Prize Center moved to the southeast corner of the building where there used to be steps leading up to Dracula’s Castle.

Downsized Game Time in 2021. Photo: B. Miskin

On Easter weekend, there was a variation to the regular Easter Egg Hunt. Instead of having eggs scattered across the lawns by the picnic terraces, the Treat Street walk-through from Frightmares was converted into Bunny Boulevard in Lagoon-A-Beach.

May was a busy month with the return of the annual dance competitions and lots of people that were just ready to get back to the park after a weird 2020. Also in May, requirements for face masks were dropped.

Lagoon-A-Beach opened May 23rd, a week earlier than planned. But it was closed the next day because of cold weather.

Roller Coaster turned 100 in the last week of May. It sounds like there might be more of a celebration later in the season.

The first Grad Night was held on June 3rd. While there have been high school senior celebrations before, this appears to have been the first to be open to all graduating seniors. They later allowed 2020 seniors as well since they missed out on so much last year.

New show for 2021. Photo: Shane D.

Daily operation began on June 4th, followed by the beginning of a new season of shows at Carousel Theater. The Smoke & Mirrors magic show has returned for a third season and a new afternoon show was added – The Super Best Totally Awesome Extra Amazing Game Show For Kidz.

What will the rest of the 2021 season have in store? There are still a couple more months of daily operation left and about three months before Frightmares begins. Meanwhile, there has been evidence of a new game to replace the short-lived Jean Bob’s Gator Escape game by Rattlesnake Rapids.

New game in Rattlesnake Rapids Plaza, June 2021. Photo: Shane D.

The next recap will be at the end of this season. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Lagoon Today on Instagram and Facebook for updates.


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