Patio Gardens

Opened: 29 May 1954
Closed: 1968
Location: Central Midway


Detail from a 1956 Lagoon ad.

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I’m Looking for a picture of a Desoto 1950 Club Coupe entered in a car show in the Patio Gardens in early 60’s (1961 or 1962). It was white in color with red & white tuck & roll interior. If such a picture exist I would really like to have it to show my grand kids. I have no pictures of that car.

I wish I could help you out. Hopefully somebody who may have taking pictures at that show reads this and still has the picture! And if I ever come across anything I’ll let you know.

Many local bands played at Patio Gardens during the era of The Battle Of The Bands. Our band: Dr. Schultz and the Medicine Band played there in the summer of 1967 and won. Members: John Perryman, Brent Burton, Scott Winteroid, and myself, Mark Christensen. We were all from Murray, Utah. Boyd F. Jensen was our neighbor.

We (Brent, John, Scott and Mark) played under the name St John & The Pharisees 21 Jul 1967. Later our name changed to Dr. Schulz Medicine Band. Good old days!

Best regards to all. Sorry we lost Scott, RIP.

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