Picnic Terraces & Pavilions

This list includes current and former picnic terraces at Lagoon. Click on a time period to read more about the terraces that opened during that time frame.

*No longer exists or is no longer used for picnic reservations.

The Bowery*
Lake Park Terrace*
Rose Terrace
Beach Terrace*
Arbor Terrace*
Maple Terrace
Oak Terrace

Flamingo Terrace*
Tangerine Terrace*
Turquoise Terrace*
Yellow Terrace*
Birthday Terrace*
Bonneville Terrace*
Ensign Terrace*
Uintah Terrace*
Wasatch Terrace*

Davis Pavilion
Meadow Terrace
North Terrace*
Gaslight Terrace*
Mountain View Terrace*
Pioneer Pavilion
Creekside & Log Flume Terraces*
Canyon Terrace
Cottonwood Terrace*
Jet Star Terrace*

Cedar Terrace
Juniper Terrace
Aspen Terrace
Elm Terrace
Birch Terrace
Willow Terrace
Bighorn Terrace
Bridger Terrace
Teton Terrace
Black Hills Terrace
Cascade Terrace
Clearwater Terrace
Sawtooth Terrace
Targhee Terrace
Uintah Terrace
Wasatch Terrace

Coal City Terrace
Copperfield Terrace
Gold Springs Terrace
Irontown Terrace
Miners Basin Terrace
Silver Reef Terrace
Castle Rock Terrace
Park Valley Terrace
Rockport Terrace
Pine Terrace
Honey Locust Terrace

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I used to dance with Ballet Folkloriko when I was 9 and we performed at Lagoon on Hispanic day or something like that. Do you have any pics of that day in 1979 I believe, or it could have been 1978.

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