Opened: 1973
Closed: Pre-1977
Manufactured By: Mack – Waldkirch, Germany
Model: Zugspitze

Before Musik Express opened at Lagoon in 1982, there was a similar ride on the North Midway. Zugspitz opened in 1973 and was removed after just a few seasons. Information on this ride has been hard to come by, but most who remember it tend to recall it spinning in both directions like today’s Jumping Dragon. German manufacturer, Mack Rides, named this ride after Germany’s highest peak, Zugspitze, and it was decorated in an alpine theme. Boomerang opened in its place in April 1977.



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  1. I loved that ride! I wish I could show a few of my friends it! I also want to know, why did they get rid of it so early?

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