Jumping Dragon

Opened: 4 Apr 2009
Location: Kiddieland
Manufactured By: Zierer – Deggendorf, Germany
Ride Model: Roundabout (Dragon Ride)
Max Speed: 13 rpm
Max Height: 16 ft
Structural Height: 40+ ft
Footprint: 44 ft Ø
Number Of Gondolas: 18
Ride Capacity: 36 (2 per gondola)
Hourly Capacity: 720

Jumping Dragon was the first of several rides to be built in the former location of the miniature golf course, which operated from 1961 to 2008.

Jumping Dragon in part of the old miniature golf course, 2012. Photo: B. Miskin

While similar to the Musik Express, Jumping Dragon is a little more tame and has no minimum height requirement. Jumping Dragon also spins forwards and backwards, which Musik Express no longer does.

It’s heavily decorated and also features a pagoda over 40 feet tall, special landscaping and a vine-covered dragon tunnel behind the ride.


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