Ferris Wheel

Opened: 2 May 1953
Closed: 1990
Location: Central Midway (1953-1964), North Midway (1965-1990)
Manufactured By: Eli Bridge Company – Jacksonville, Illinois
Ride Model: #5 Electric Rim Drive Wheel
Max Speed: 6.75 rpm
Max Height: 45 ft
Footprint: 27 x 45 ft
Number Of Gondolas: 12
Ride Capacity: 36 (3 per gondola)

The 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago inspired many people. One of which was Lagoon founder, Simon Bamberger, who returned to Utah wanting to build a new park in a garden setting. The same exposition featured a 264-foot-tall observation wheel, which was built in response to the Eiffel Tower built for the 1899 World’s Fair in Paris.

It was the product of a bridge builder named George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. Even though it was the only official Ferris Wheel ever made, it started a long-standing tradition for amusement parks everywhere.

Along the Plaisance by C. Graham

The wheel made a significant impression upon W. E. Sullivan, who also happened to be a bridge builder. He worked with a machinist to produce the first Eli Wheel in 1900. It became a success and the Eli Bridge Company began mass-producing the rides in 1906.ยน

Lagoon’s first Ferris Wheel was next to the lake before being replaced in 1919 by the Captive Aeroplanes (which later became the Rockets). Another mention of a Ferris Wheel appeared in a 1924 ad, but that’s about all the information that has been found so far.

The Ferris Wheel in its first season at Lagoon in 1953. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

The longest-running Ferris Wheel at Lagoon opened in 1953 and was claimed to be the tallest in Utah, although it seems to be the typical size for the time. It was installed at what was then the north end of the Midway.

A large fire in November of that year destroyed the western half of the park, but the Ferris Wheel was one of few rides to survive the fire.

1954 aerial photo of Ferris Wheel at what was then the northern end of the park. Photo courtesy of Deseret News
The Everly Brothers in front of Lagoon’s Ferris Wheel in June 1964. Photo: Deseret News

In June 1964 when popular recording duo, the Everly Brothers came to perform a concert, they chose to use Lagoon’s Ferris Wheel as a backdrop for photos to be used in promoting their new song, “The Ferris Wheel”.

Back then, a public road named Lagoon Lane passed by not far from the Ferris Wheel. This road was the northern boundary of the park since it opened here in 1896. In 1965, Lagoon Lane was rerouted to allow Lagoon to extend the Midway northward. The expansion included a new fountain and the addition of the Wild Mouse. Other rides were relocated to accentuate the new features including the Ferris Wheel which was placed on the west side of the Wild Mouse.

Quick scene of the Ferris Wheel from the 1969 BYU film, Mirror, Mirror: You And Your Self Image.

When the Wild Mouse was removed after the 1970 season, the other rides remained, leaving an empty gap between the Ferris Wheel and Space Scrambler (see photo below).

The Ferris Wheel remained in place after the first Wild Mouse was removed. Photo courtesy of Deseret News

All the other rides were eventually moved elsewhere, but the Ferris Wheel remained close to the same place it had been since 1965. Sometime after 1972, it was moved slightly north.

This 1983 aerial photo shows the Ferris Wheel between Boomerang and Sky Ride, with Tri-Star to the north. Photo: Utah Geological Survey

Then in 1988, the new Sun ‘N’ Fun Theatre that featured high diving shows caused the relocation of Tilt-A-Whirl. It would move to the spot where the Ferris Wheel had been and the Ferris Wheel was moved just behind the north Sky Ride station.

Flying Carpet visible above the trees from Sky Ride 1990. Photo: Rick

1990 was the last season for this Ferris Wheel as it would be eclipsed the following year by the giant Sky Scraper, which was more than 100 feet taller.

Today, a similar Ferris Wheel can still be enjoyed at Liberty Park in Salt Lake City.


1. Decades later, the Eli Bridge Company would develop other rides like Lagoon’s Space Scrambler and The Dragonfly.


Space Scrambler, 1961-present

The Dragonfly, 2004-present


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