Spotify Playlists

These playlists feature music from the famous performers that appeared at Lagoon over several decades. While the actual live recordings of these concerts aren’t on Spotify, songs were carefully chosen according to what each artist had released and/or regularly played at concerts at the time.

You can save a playlist to your library or just follow the Lagoon History Project on Spotify.

1939-1953: Big Bands at the Dance Pavilion

This playlist covers many of the big bands and other acts that performed at the old Dance Pavilion that burned down in November 1953.

1954-1957: The New Patio Gardens

When the new Patio Gardens ballroom replaced the old Dance Pavilion, Lagoon had a renewed emphasis on hosting big names of the day.

1958-1965: Pop/Rock at the Patio Gardens

1966-1973: Final Years of the Patio Gardens

Towards the end of the ’60s, many of the popular bands became less and less in tune with Lagoon’s family-friendly focus and rock bands were phased out.

1974-1995: Gone Country / Old Bands Return

In the 1970s, Lagoon hosted lots of country western groups and in the ’80s, many older bands returned on their reunions tours. Country artists were often featured at the Village Green stage in Pioneer Village, but the Lagoon Stadium was also used for bigger shows.

Bombora Soundtrack

This playlist includes most of the songs that are played on Bombora.


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