Lagoon Today!

2017 Monthly Recap #1: March & April

The arrival of Spring has brought with it the opening of Lagoon as well as the usual volatile weather patterns. Occasionally, the warm, sunny days have coincided with Lagoon’s weekend-only pre-season operating schedule. Although March 25 was rainy and cold and many rides were closed, there were several visible changes since last fall and new […]

1960s Advertising

Opening Weekend 1967

Lagoon’s 1967 season began on Saturday, March 25th. An article in the Deseret News on March 23rd announced two new rides – “the Terroride, a new thrill which makes the old Spook House obsolete” and the Animaland Train which made a “trip around Lagoon Lake by real animals – llamas, deer, goats, baby farm animals, […]