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2021 Season Recap

Since the mid-season recap, Lagoon had a celebration in July for Roller Coaster’s 100th birthday. Fans got to sing “Happy Birthday”, take photos, have refreshments and sign a poster to be placed in a time capsule.

A couple of things weren’t covered in the last recap – Jet Star 2 reopened this year after being closed all of last season because of COVID-19. Also, the Swig franchises in Pioneer Village, Lagoon-A-Beach and the Campground changed to Fiiz after the company changed hands.

Small Bulgy-style whales were found hidden around the park. It was part of the Lagoon Whale Watch and it’s almost definitely the work of the same people behind the “easter egg” signs last year.

Construction of the new ride picked up again, slightly. There was a bit of news coverage on the ride again this summer, but no significant updates for now.

Construction visible from Cannibal. Photo: B. Miskin

There was an incident in August involving a guest that climbed out of a Sky Ride gondola and hung by his hands from the outside and fell.

Like last year, Frightmares began a week earlier than shown on the schedule at the beginning of the season. All of the walk-throughs from last year were open again.

Davis Pavilion haunted walk-throughs in 2021. Photo: B. Miskin

Seance returned after not opening in 2020 and hundreds of jack-o-lanterns lit the pathway between Kiddie Land and Pioneer Village, becoming popular on social media.

New decorations for 2021. Photo: S. Dustman

Lagoon’s Biergarten will remain open during the off-season again, 11am-7pm every day.

In addition to the usual Black Friday discount, Lagoon is offering a loyalty rate for 2021 season passholders.

That’s all until next year!

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