Opened: 5 Apr 2008
Location: Kiddieland
Manufactured By: Zierer – Deggendorf, Germany
Ride Model: Flying Fish
Max Height: 20 ft
Structural Height: 22 ft
Max Speed: 18 fps (12.3 mph)
Lifting Speed: 3.3 fps
Footprint: 57 ft Ø
Number Of Gondolas: 12
Ride Capacity: 24 (2 per gondola)
Ride Duration: 2 min
Hourly Capacity: 576

OdySea is a spinning water ride that allows riders to raise or lower their gondola as they pass by sea creatures that shoot streams of water out of their mouths. Many of these rides now operate around the world. This particular theme was first used at Copenhagen’s Tivoli Gardens. That ride has since been replaced by a similar ride with a different theme.

OdySea in the former location of the Gaslight Terrace. Photo: B. Miskin

The song that plays during the ride was written and recorded by Lagoon while the instrumental loading music is stock music.

Before the ride was installed, the space was occupied by a picnic pavilion called the Gaslight Terrace. During Frightmares, the Gaslight Terrace was the home of haunted walk-throughs like the Labyrinth.


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