Flying Tigers

Opened: 8 Apr 2017
Location: Kiddieland
Manufactured By: Zamperla – Altavilla, Vicentina, Italy
Ride Model: Flying Tigers
Structural Height: 13 ft
Footprint: 44 x 26 ft
Number Of Planes: 8
Ride Capacity: 32 kids or 24 kids & 8 adults
Hourly Capacity: 500

Flying Tigers and Ruka Safari were both placed in what used to be the west end of the Putter Around The Park miniature golf course. Both were installed and opened in less than a week in early April 2017.

Flying Tigers in 2017. Photo: B. Miskin

Flying Tigers is similar to Red Rock Rally. Planes suspended from above move along an oval-shaped track and swing outward at each end. Like all of Lagoon’s newer kiddie rides, parents may ride with children.

Lagoon added a structure, with a sky scene painted on the bottom of the roof. The manufacturer, Zamperla, named this ride model Flying Tigers, which was the nickname for a group of American fighter pilots in the Chinese air force during World War II. Lagoon added the insignia used by the Flying Tigers, which was one of 1,200 designs created by artists at Walt Disney Productions.

The location of Flying Tigers was previously the site of the ticket booth for miniature golf (which closed in 2008) and Bulgy The Whale. Bulgy was relocated behind Jumping Dragon.


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Ruka Safari, 2017

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