Opened: 1986
Location: Kiddieland
Manufactured By: Zamperla – Altavilla Vicentina, Italy┬╣
Ride Model: Mini Avio
Max Height: 11 ft
Number Of Gondolas: 12
Ride Capacity: 24 (2 per gondola)

The Scaliwags opened just south of Puff The Little Fire Dragon in 1986, replacing the Flying Elephants which had only been at Lagoon since 1982. Both are very similar rides based on Disneyland’s famous Dumbo ride, with arms that rise or fall as controlled by riders.

Scaliwags in 2015. Photo: B. Miskin

The different characters available for kids to ride represent a mix of different rides that were available from the manufacturer – bees and ladybugs, elephants and Peter Paul dragons.

Scaliwags was the last addition to Kiddieland until Kontiki and The Dragonfly opened in 2004.

Very little has changed with the ride, aside from being repainted a time or two and the usual maintenance, and it still operates in its original location.

Over the years, the name has been spelled many different ways from Scalawags to Scallywaggers. Most often, it appears as Scaliwags.


1. Zamperla manufactures the Mini Jet, but it’s based on rides they bought the rights to from Barbieri Rides, also of Italy. With the information currently available, it’s unclear if Lagoon’s model was made before or after Zamperla took over, but the “Z” emblem on the dragons suggest it was made by Zamperla.


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Tipsey Tea Cups, 2013

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