2023 Yearbook

Opening Day: 8 April
Closing Day: 29 October
Regular Single Day Passport: $97.95 (Frightmares: $94.95)
Parking: $20

On New Years’ Day, Lagoon confirmed on Facebook what others had noticed in the final weeks of the previous season – Log Flume would not be returning in 2023. All that is known is that it was damaged beyond repair, which must have been significant considering how good Lagoon is at keeping older rides up and running for decades.

Remains of the Log Flume on 8 Apr 2023. Photo: B. Miskin

Late snowfall prevented the park from opening as planned on March 25th. It opened two weeks later on April 8th, with the remaining snow still melting in piles. As a precaution, sandbags were placed along Farmington Creek, which runs through the park, and was particularly high after all of the snow began to melt.

Piles of snow left after unusual amounts of spring snow kept the park from opening for two weeks in 2023. Photo: B. Miskin

While Primordial wasn’t expected to open on opening weekend, there were some new things here and there. The most noticeable change was the addition of new silver gondolas on Space Scrambler.

Space Scrambler with new gondolas in April 2023.

Other changes included newly remodeled restrooms in Pioneer Village and new signs on the construction walls around the former Carousel Candy and Scamper location announcing the candy shop would reopen with a new ice cream shop named Peacock Parlour. It’s been largely untouched since 2022 and construction didn’t begin until August 2023.

Signs in 2023 announcing the new Peacock Parlour that would join the rebuilt Carousel Candy shop. Photo: B. Miskin

Later in the summer, a giant cornhole game sat in the former Hi-Striker location.

Meanwhile, everyone was anxiously waiting for one new addition to the park in particular – the giant interactive dark coaster – Primordial. Test runs began in June but it wouldn’t open until a week into Frightmares – the latest known opening of any new Lagoon ride. Because of this, Lagoon did something unprecedented. On weeknights when the rest of the park was closed, Primordial was opened especially for season passholders who could reserve a time to ride and avoid the long lines that were constant during regular operating hours for the rest of the season.

Primordial with new asphalt pathway in July 2023. Photo: B. Miskin

Mar 25 – Planned opening delayed due to snow

Apr 8 – Opening day

Apr 9 – Easter – Bunny Boulevard open in Lagoon-A-Beach

Apr 15-30 – Tulip & Funnel Cake Festival

Apr 28 – Campground opened

May 12 – USU Physics Day

May 27 – Lagoon-A-Beach opened

May 29 – Memorial Day – Daily operation began

Jul 18 – IAAPA Connections event at Lagoon

Aug 16 – Last day of daily operation

Aug 21 – Work began on new Carousel Candy / Peacock Parlour building

Sep 2 – 37th Annual Bonneville Classic Chevy Club car show

Sep 4 – Labor Day – Last day for Lagoon-A-Beach

Sep 8 – Frightmares began

Sep 15 – Primordial opened

Sep 29-30 – ACE Fall Conference at Lagoon

Oct 29 – Park and Campground closed for the year

Nov 1 – Winter hours at Beirgarten began

  • Séance: The Dark Ritual
  • Frightening Frisco
  • Fun House Of Fear
  • Malevolent Mansion
  • Nightmare Midway
  • Nightwalk
  • Scary & Crow’s Straw Maze
  • Spook-A-Boo Walk-Thru
  • Treat Street

Smoke & Mirrors 360° – May 27-Aug 16
Edge Of Wonderland – Jun 3-Aug 14
The Plank & Plunder Pirate Party – Sep 8-Oct 29
Lore: The Tale Of Two Sisters – Sep 8-Oct 29


Hackenslash – Sep 8-Oct 29

Pioneer VIllage

Windy The Witch – Sep 9-Oct 29

Photo: B. Miskin

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